Find out about Rotary International

rotary_international_150The University of Lincoln is hosting a Rotary Club talk titled ‘Rotary International and the End Polio Now Campaign’, on Monday 9 February at 17.30 pm starting at 18.00 pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Minerva Building, Brayford Pool campus.

Rotarians Len Taylor and Roy Bright will talk about Rotary International and how it tackles local and worldwide challenges. All are welcome, and free refreshments are included. Please register by email to

Rotary International is a worldwide organisation driving the End Polio Now Campaign. Because this charitable organisation reaches across the world, it provides a service here to local groups as well as promoting initiatives abroad.

end_polio_now_150wThe charity has been active in reducing the scourge of Polio, which once afflicted mankind all over the world. It’s taken 30 years, but thanks to the Rotary initiative, we are now so very close to eradicating this preventable disease forever. The campaign now also addresses issues such as the permanent supply of clean water and fundamental provision in disaster zones.


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