Bringing Magna Carta to life in Lincolnshire

Picture courtesy Magna Carta NewsletterFollowing the return of the Lincoln original copy of Magna Carta to Lincoln Castle, we are all looking forward to the opening of its new home there, but it’s also good to hear about a new scheme to enable others in Lincolnshire to contribute to Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary celebrations.

Lincolnshire Co-op and Lincolnshire County Council are working together to bring you Radiating Signalsa project to produce flags representing different Lincolnshire communities, linked to Magna Carta.

If you would like to participate, do come along and join the discussion in Horncastle on what’s great about our area, and then help to brief our local artists on how you think our local communities should be represented.

When: Monday 30th March, 7- 9pm
Where: The Stanhope Hall, Boston Road, Horncastle LN9 6NF
Cost: Free, Book here

Footnote: Whatever happened to the Horncastle flag designs which won prizes in the town’s schools competition in 2009? If anyone has any copies of the winning designs, we would love to see them!


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