Harley Davidson Rally comes to Lincolnshire

Picture credit: LSJ NewsHarley Davidson riders from all over the world will be meeting up at the Lincolnshire Showground from the 21st  to the 25th May for the FH-DCE Super Rally®, which hasn’t been held in the UK since 1989 and probably won’t be here again for a long time.

I have it on good authority that this rare event is a great opportunity to see very shiny motorcycles and immerse yourself in motorcycle culture.

Described as a big friendly Harley-Davidson extended family kind of event, I’m told there will be real ales and cider, as well as homemade cream teas and cakes provided by the Lincolnshire Womens Institute. Not to mention 25 bands on three stages, ‘poker run’ ride outs around Lincolnshire, a Hurricane, Spitfire & Lancaster flyby (of course), medieval jousting, stunt bikes, wall of death and ……well, you get the idea.

I’m also told that on the way to Lincoln itself 600 Harleys will be arriving in Hull on one ferry and riding over the Humber Bridge. Should be quite an event in itself. By the way, check out the price of tickets before you set out for the showground……

Event Website


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