Woodhall Spa 40s Festival 2015

40s_police_box_150Yes, it’s here again! This year’s time travel weekend is almost upon us once more. You know, it’s when everyone dresses up in forties costume, listens to forties music, eats forties cuisine and imagines (or for some of us, remembers,) a bygone age. Last year’s events in Woodhall Spa were acclaimed as a success, and this year’s are shaping up to be likewise.

The Petwood Hotel begins the weekend in style as Al Bowlly soundalike Brandyn Shaw kicks off the Petwood’s events with an informal live performance on the terrace on Friday 17th July at 6 pm.

Brandyn will be back with his Rhythm Makers on the 18th for the Big Band Dance, in a marquee in the Petwood’s glorious grounds. It’s sure to be the stand-out event of the weekend. Entertainment only tickets are £15 (under 12s free) and food is available separately.  Call our reservation team on 01526 352411 and select option 1 for more information or to make a booking.

My own recollections of the real forties are centered on the wonders of life in a post-war prefab in London NW9, with my mum bamboozled by such innovations as an electric cooker (Belling I think….), a fridge (huge American Frigidaire,) and a mysterious big red switch in the bathroom which controlled something called an immersion heater, a truly amazing improvement on the zinc bath in front of the fire filled by kettles of hot water.

Not forgetting hanging out (apparently against the regulations,) with the friendly German POW who provided the labour to pave our street. Lots more where these fleeting childhood memories come from, including being held up at (toy!) gunpoint by Charlie Watts, Rolling Stone to be……………..

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