“The Gunby Sisters” – a ghost tale told by local school children

Earlier this month a group of students from  Burgh-Le-Marsh primary school wrote, filmed, directed and edited a short film about Gunby Hall, inspired by the belief that it is haunted. The film will be submitted to the ‘LAFTAS’, the Lincolnshire film-making competition for primary and secondary schools headed up by Lincolnshire born and bred actor Jim Broadbent.

Picture courtesy Burgh le Marsh Primary School and the National TrustAlleged Gunby Hall hauntings relate to rumours of a murder there during the residency of Sir William Massingberd, who built the house in 1700. The story goes that Sir William found out that his daughter (some accounts say his wife) was about to run away with one of the servants, a postillion, and that he (or in some accounts his gamekeeper) hid in waiting and shot the postillion dead when the lovers tried to elope. The servant’s body was dragged through the grounds and thrown into the pond. Some accounts say that Sir William shot his daughter dead as well. Creepy……………

Gunby Hall visitor information

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