The real Tattershall Castle

Some time ago, on a Thames boat trip, I noticed a 1930’s paddle steamer named the Tattershall Castle, moored at Victoria Embankment, then functioning as a floating pub. (More recently she returned home to Hull for a much needed refit). It reminded me that here in Woodhall Spa, our nearest National Trust property is the real Tattershall Castle, very much on dry land, less than 5 miles away.

It’s a striking brick edifice, more tower than castle, rising majestically and unexpectedly out of the Lincolnshire fens. But don’t let the bricks fool you, this is one of the oldest buildings in the area, having its origins in either a stone castle or a fortified manor house built by Robert de Tattershall in 1231 and later expanded and rebuilt in brick by Ralph, 3rd Lord Cromwell, Treasurer of England between 1430 and 1450.

These days the castle operates as a thriving tourist attraction, owned and operated by the National Trust since1925, and they are offering a tempting programme of special events this season.

Why not catch next week’s event, called “The Medieval Village”?It’s billed as an opportunity to “… back in time to the fifteenth century and immerse yourself in our medieval experience. Witness what everyday life was like over 500 years ago re-enacted inside the castle and grounds.” It runs from 1 August to 2 August, 11:00am to 4:00pm and is free to attend, but normal admission charges apply, (free entrance for National Trust members.)

Later you can take your pick from seven more events including two outdoor drama performances, a heritage open day, a Lords, Knights and Ladies Day, a Civil War Weekend, Halloween Half term and Ghost Walks in October. Check out the details here.

Tattershall castle history (Wikipedia)
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NB: Yes, this video really is silent!


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