Have a laugh at the Comedy Tea House

Comedy_Tea_House_logo_150hIf you are over 18 and you like stand up comedy, The Blackfriars Theatre in Boston is the place to go round here, and it’s where the next session of the The Comedy Tea House is scheduled for September 25th, at 8pm.


Tickets cost £10 and are available from the box office – 01205 363108 or, if you prefer to book online, try the orange button on this Blackfriars Theatre page, and get more details of the evening’s entertainment.

The Comedy Tea House is the brainchild of Woodhall Spa resident Mark Webb, who I am told is the brother of Robert Webb, of Mitchell and Webb fame. So I guess comedy runs in the family.

Mark is confident that there will be a truly fantastic line up, with the talented Tom Binns bringing his comedy characters to Blackfriars Theatre, introduced by MC Steve Harris. “Whatever age or walk of life you’re from Steve has something for you, guaranteed to have you breathless with laughter, a master of the obvious and a Ninja of the not so obvious, you’ll be hit so hard by a punch line you won’t know where it’s come from.

Opening – Ian D Montford One thing’s for sure, Tom Binns makes an extremely convincing psychic. His white-clad creation Ian D. Montfort is half Shirley Ghostman and half Derek Acorah, with a gift for gently undercutting his initial guesses about the audience that leaves everyone in stitches, even his victims.

Middle – Lovdev Barpaja A confident performer with a good mix of asian related and mixed material , he comes up with some excellent situational stuff and his timing is spot on.

Headlining – Ivan Brackenbury The show is a cheap, obvious and brilliant agglomeration of cheesy DJ cliches, Jonathan King mannerisms and hilariously inappropriate tunes dedicated to the sick and the wounded. “If you’re feeling at death’s door,” says Brackenbury, who sports a nasty orange baseball cap and an even nastier Steve Wright moustache, “I’ll pull you through.” He’s absolutely hilarious! Tom Binns at his best!”

Details on Facebook

Blackfriars refurbishment plans

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