International Bomber Command memorial – thieves attack again

Thieves have struck yet again at the International Bomber Command Memorial site in Lincoln, stealing a five metre flagpole and a Union Jack flag. The team behind the ongoing £9.5 million memorial and visitor centre project say they’re feeling “very frustrated” following the latest attack. Anyone with information relating to the theft should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Millions of pounds are still needed to complete the The International Bomber Command Centre memorial and visitor centre on Canwick Hill in Lincoln before the last bomber aircrew veterans die.

78 out of 1,100 remaining veterans have died since the beginning of the year, and the site is scheduled to open in September. The IBCC still needs £2m in donations, and events are being held to raise the cash.

Director Nicky Barr described the shortfall as “heartbreaking”: “I personally feel we’ve let them down. We are losing veterans at such a rate and we are desperate to see the centre open…..These boys were forgotten after the war, and were publicly ignored……night after night they went up and faced the biggest risks of any unit in World War Two. For us as a nation to have turned our back on them is a very sad injustice, and we’ve got an opportunity to put it right while they are still alive.”

To donate, visit the IBCC website

Lincolnite news article
BBC web page
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