Tea and a slice of history: Woodhall Spa, 1909

Alan Burgess has posted a fascinating tinted photograph of the Woodhall Spa Tea House in the Woods on the Old Lincolnshire Rural Photos Facebook Group, dated around 1909:






There’s also a similar photo on the Tea House home page, and lots more if you click on the history tab.

You can read comments here if you join the Facebook group


“The Tea House in the Woods was built in 1903 and two daughters of London clergyman and sisters of Dr Williams, Superintendent of the Spa baths, the Misses came each year to manage the Tea House for the season until 1913 when it was reported they had ‘bought it outright’.  Misses Williams served dainty delicacies to the highest quality dressed in long, lavender coloured gowns with little muslin aprons and picture hats The Williams sisters also sold tasteful fancy gifts including their own embroidery and provided a lending library service.

The veranda was edged with attractive, slim wooden arches with rustic tables set out on the lawns. Alterations to the sides and enlargements at the rear of the building where undertaken by the next owners ( Mr & Mrs Harriman) this greatly improved the Tea House and enabled teas and refreshments to be served inside. For 80 years the Tea House had a wooden veranda but with the upkeep becoming very costly, this was replaced with the current modern veranda. The stone fireplace was a later addition made in the early 80’s.” [Tea House website]


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