New art exhibition in Horncastle

Dont miss the temporary exhibition featuring the work of artist Anita Mortimer:  “A truly uplifting way of looking at the world. On paper, canvas or board. Using pencil, pastel, charcoal, graphite.”

The exhibition is at the Admiral Rodney Hotel, in North Street, Horncastle, this Saturday, May 12, and Sunday, May 13. Tickets are available from the recently extended Mortimer Gallery in North Street. Anita has her own website with lots of examples of her work – well worth a visit whether or not you can make the exhibition.

“I have always picked up a pencil, crayons or felt-tips, since I was a youngster. Hours were spent scribbling on scrap paper or in colouring books. I grew up in Croydon Surrey. The only daughter in a family of four older brothers.

There was so much to do; Parks to explore, interesting people of varied cultures to meet. I lived in the midst of colour. People wore their native outfits. The smells were often overwhelming. Music rang out from every street corner. I was always watching, studying and enjoying the world around me. I loved to gaze at the fur of the neighbourhood animals and often would draw my pet Sindy, while she was curled up in a chair; her coat was a beautiful tan and black. 

I am now a wife and the mother of two grown ups. I live in Lincolnshire. With more time to admire my surroundings I have started to draw again. This time it is not colour that I use but black and white. The world I see in detail I want to capture; I see its detail in black and white.”


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