George Boole Update: Film premiere at the Collection

By way of an update to my previous posts about the Lincoln born father of  digital technology George Boole, Dave Kenyon writes:

Friends of George Boole,

I thought you might be interested in the UK premiere of the Irish film about George Boole. It’s at 2pm this Sunday 25th Oct at the Collection. It’s part of a longer programme, but the Boole film is 58 mins long. Attendance is free but ticketed.

The film is presented as part of the  current Frequency Festival in Lincoln. Tickets are available here. (Get your free tickets by clicking on the green “register” button.)


George Boole Plaque

I have written before on this blog and elsewhere about the father of digital technology, George Boole, maths genius and son of a Lincoln cobbler, who had his own school near Lincoln Cathedral. Dave Kenyon, co-founder of the Lincoln Boole Foundation has been in touch about another success in his campaign to raise awareness of this great thinker. Dave writes:

The Lincoln Boole Foundation is pleased to announce the upcoming installation of a large commemorative plaque in the centre of Lincoln at the junction of High Street and Silver Street, just yards from Boole’s birthplace. This high-profile memorial has been given the blessing of both City and County authorities. Its size and position will make it arguably the highest profile memorial plaque in the city – as befits the inventor of digital logic. Continue reading

Celebrate George Boole, unsung Lincoln hero

boole_exhib_pd1_150To celebrate the bicentenary of his birth, there’s a timeline exhibition “The Life and Legacy of George Boole,” running in Lincoln. It’s free and open to all at the Great Central Warehouse Library on the University of Lincoln’s Brayford campus until Friday 11th September, and in October it will move to Lincoln Cathedral.

So who was George Boole? My friend, former colleague and co-director of the Lincoln Boole Foundation, Dave Kenyon, has  written a timely guest post for us, all about Lincolnshire’s Victorian Digital Hero:

George Boole, Lincolnshire’s forgotten genius is 200 years old this year. Unbeknownst to most of us, he’s responsible for the ‘digital DNA’ of everyday life.

Most readers interested in Lincolnshire will probably know that 2015 is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. Similarly, most will be aware of Sir Isaac Newton as the county’s most illustrious son. But very few will know of the bicentenary of George Boole, the Lincoln man who has had most recent worldwide impact. He invented “Boolean Logic” which is the binary system at the heart of silicon chips and all things digital. As if that wasn’t enough, he was the youngest and poorest winner of the Royal Society’s Gold Medal for a hundred years. To cap that off, he also laid some of the foundations for ‘Pure Maths’ and gave us many aspects of calculus used daily by scientists and technologists of every type. Continue reading

Don’t miss Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition

Running in Lincoln until September 27th, this unique exhibition is not to be missed. The orginal idea to celebrate the rich history of our often overlooked county in this way came out of a conversation back in 2012 between Patrick, Lord Cormack and the Earl of Yarborough, and having recently visited some elements of the exhibition, I can only admire their ambition and the subsequent realisation of their ambitious plans.

The exhibition is spread over four venues, Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, The Collection and the Usher Gallery. At the Cathedral you can browse manuscripts the 15th century Medieval Wren Library, and the David PJ Ross Magna Carta Vault at the Castle offers the chance to view two versions of Magna Carta (1214 and 1225) and the Charter of the Forest (1217).

The Collection has gathered a truly impressive array of artefacts and works of art reflecting the lives and achievements of Lincolnshire’s greatest achievers, Continue reading