Expect the unexpected in Lincoln this weekend

Lincolnshire Sausages, famous Lincolnshire people and a Sci-fi show – an eclectic selection of attractions in the historic City of Lincoln over the coming weekend:



Lincoln Sausage Festival 2016

Celebrate all things sausage, including the famous Lincolnshire sausage, at the Lincoln Sausage Festival – in and around the Lincoln Castle grounds, 10am to 5pm, October 22. During the day there will be cooking demonstrations, food stalls of the best Lincolnshire produce from award winning Select Lincolnshire members, children’s entertainment and live music. Feeling hungry?

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Wolds Words Festival 2016

wolds_words_2016_150The Wolds Words Festival is back again in October, celebrating the rich, diverse and unique culture of rural Lincolnshire. This year Horncastle features for the first time, joining the traditional venues in Louth, Spilsby and Alford.


In Horncastle the Community Cinema Club offers film screenings in the Stanhope Hall on 19th October and 23rd November. For the details visit their website or email thestanhopehall@hotmail.uk.  The club is operated for the benefit of the community by a small dedicated team of volunteers who aim to show a wide range of films. Tickets are available from The Horncastle Music Shop or on the door.

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Wolds Words Festival 2015

This popular festival is back with a full programme of events celebrating reading, writing and performance in and around Louth, Spilsby and the Wolds. It runs from 21 to 25 October, and this year there will also be a programme for children and young people, timed to take place during half term, 26 to 31 October. There will also be pop up events appearing throughout 2015.

Please have a look through the schedules for both programmes:
Wolds Words [Download.1 Mb]
Children and young people’s programme [Download 2Mb]

or visit the festival website for more details

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Find out about Lindsey – Anglo-Saxon Kingdom

Tomorrow’s highlight of the Wolds Words Festival is a free lecture on The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey, given by archaeologist Dr Kevin Leahy at the Franklin Hall in Spilsby at 2pm.


Lindsey was a small Anglo-Saxon Kingdom that lay to the south of the Humber Estuary in what is now northern Lincolnshire. Though long neglected, over the last 50 years Lindsey has emerged from its own ‘dark age’ to reappear as an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, never powerful, usually on the edge of great events, but highly prosperous and sophisticated.

Festival website – download programme  – follow on Twitter.
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Sir John Franklin’s ship: update

A few weeks ago I wrote about the recent discovery of one of Sir John Franklin’s northwest passage ships, preserved in the frozen wastes of northern Canada. The news clip I included has been withdrawn, but fortunately I have found another, much more informative one from Global News. If you missed the original post and you are interested in the Spilsby connection, you can still read it here, complete with the new video clip.

They have found Sir John Franklin’s ship

If you head out East toward the Lincolnshire coast and you get fed up with the main road, you might take the old road through Spilsby. And if you decide to take a break there, you may, as I did some time ago, come across the memorial in the main square commemorating the life and death of Spilsby born and Louth educated Sir John Franklin, who died trying to find the Northwest Passage.

Interesting enough in itself perhaps, but suddenly in the news, with today’s confirmation by Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, that one of the two ships used for Sir John Franklin’s fatal attempt to find the Northwest Passage has been discovered over 160 years since it was abandoned somewhere in the frozen wastes of the Canadian Arctic.

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